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Mountain bikes take a bit of a beating as we ride, it’s just a fact of life. We believe people should be focused on riding and not worrying about the damage their frame is taking. This is what we realised one afternoon after hearing the same old comments from our mates about scratches on their fresh frames after only a few rides. Ryan’s background in the automotive paint protection industry coupled with Jackson’s product design experience led our team to begin testing different paint protection options and design techniques to find what worked best for mountain bikes. We tried out some of the kits on the market and found they were painful to install, didn’t offer much custom coverage and spare parts were hard to source for a reasonable price. That’s how we came to developing our frame protection kits. We wanted to offer riders custom wraps with the option to have the film professionally installed and spare parts available at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every wrap is done right with a stringent quality control process. Since starting in mid 2018 we’ve constantly invested into researching new methods to improve our products and processes. From sourcing more durable films and adhesives to making you, the customers, experience more seamless, we’re always looking at where we can improve. We’ve also made it a point of always listening to our customers as at the end of the day, these products are for you.We now offer a comprehensive range of bike protection products, that can be both professionally installed and done yourself, with custom graphics that you choose available on select products.


PPF Computer Cut and Design

Custom designs made to fit & cover the frame of your bike.

Our Custom designed and computer cut film kits are made to ensure protection against stone chips and scratches. Our design team have been specially trained to create maximum coverage were they seem fit on your bike to protection it from the rough conditions you may find on the trails. Using Signlab 10 and GCC plot cutting technology we guarantee a seamless finish and clean edges on your beloved frame!

Nearly Invisible

Paint Protection Film is optically clear.

Stain Resistance

Protection against yellowing and stains from dirt and oil.

Great Endurance

Against damage from rocks, salt and debris.



Our X Film is a heavy duty, 360 micron, film designed to protect against stone chips, abrasions and general wear and tear that high impact areas of your frame and components will endure on the trails. Its optical clarity makes the X Film difficult to detect once installed. The specially formulated clear coat helps preserve the color brilliance and design lines of a bike’s painted surfaces. This durable film is flexible, conformable, and long lasting. X Film is available in our Fork X and Crank X kits as well as in meterage.

Where Do We Cover?

Our Defense Kit is custom made to cover the down tube, head tube, seat tube, top tube and rear triangle of any bike.

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FORK Protection

Our Fork X Kit provides heavy-duty protection for your fork lowers. Our X Film is extra-thick at 360 Micron to insure the highest level of impact protection from flying rocks and gravel rash.

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A ceramic top coat that creates a hard hydrophobic crystallised layer that makes your bike easy to clean and keeps the film looking fresher for longer.

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