Frame Protection


Designed and fitted in-house, our kits are tailored to fit your specific bike no matter what make, model or size.

Our aim is to get you out back on the trails as soon as possible! That’s why any bike booked in is completed within 48 hours of drop off.

Our film incorporates a self-healing top coat which allows minor marks and scratches you may encounter to disappear in the heat of the sun.

Fork Protection


Highly resistant to yellowing and stains from dirt and oils, our film will look great for years to come.

Helps to prevent stone chips, scratches and other damage to your frame that you may encounter on the trails.

Coming in either a gloss or matte finish our nearly invisible film can be matched to your frame finish to complement its existing paint job.

Bike Serum


Using nano technology Bike Serum chemically bonds to the painted surfaces of your bike creating a barrier against dirt and grime.

Bike Serum’s hydrophobic properties help prevent dirt, muck and grime sticking to your bike, making it a breeze to wash for rides to come.

With upto 18 months durability Bike Serum is made to help your bike withstand the harshest of riding conditions.

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